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Hello - Being a mother of three I have plenty of experience putting on kids birthday parties. Each of my children want a different type of party each year. So that makes me quite the birthday party expert. Learn from me and have a fun party for the kids and us parents. :) Party On Moms!

PS - My nickname is Shaun Mommy Jordan with Kid Baby Girl

Kids Crafts – Children Love to Sew

We offer fun, creative, and unique classes, workshops, and even summer day camps for children 5 through 15! Unlike kids sewing classes in your local craft store that offer an hour or two of instruction to create a project, The Handwork Studio creates a curriculum that grows with your child building on skills over time.

  1. Develop and mature their finger dexterity and fine motor skills.
  2. Find and build their self-confidence.
  3. Learn copious amounts of patience (Have you ever tried to trace a pattern!?!?).
  4. Have a social creative outlet for meeting and gathering with friends.
  5. You’re on board: your child should learn how to sew. And you have a few viable options when it comes to expanding your child’s knowledge of sewing (one of which is very close to home!).

With the Experts.

Your local craft store is a one-stop-shop for all things crafts, including sewing. When they’ve begun to sew, it’s a great place to first introduce your children to the nearly limitless projects they’ll be able to create. Many stores offer sewing classes for kids, in addition to other crafting classes such as cake decorating, machine, hodgepodge, and embroidery sewing.

Generations ago, it was not only common but required that children learned the art of sewing and knitting. Clothes were made from the hand; mittens and hats were crafted in living rooms, not factories. While your child will rarely need to create his or her wardrobe from a bolt of fabric and a spool of thread, there are real benefits to investing the time and resources to teaching your child the trick of the handwork art.

These classes are usually an hour or so long and provide enough direction for your kids to find interest in the subject.

Did you learn to sew in High School Home Ec classes? Or under the watchful eye of your grandmother? If you, yourself, have a skill and interest (or past interest) in handwork, use that to help foster the same passion for your children!

The obvious benefit of being able to sew on a wayward button, hem a new pair of pants, or even craft a new baby gift, handwork provides your children with a creative way to:.

You’ve done it, you’ve sparked a passion for handwork in your child. You see their eyes light up at the thought of making something magical out of bits of fabric and beads. They’re ready for more than a local class or sewing along side you – now it’s time for you to consider registering them for a handwork class designed just for them!

Choosing to impart your handwork skill onto your children will take a lot of patience, time and resources (think sewing machine, fabric, pins, scissors, patterns, chalk, etc.), but if you already have the tools, pull them out and get started! Together, select a small project to work and complete through each step, discussing why it’s done in that order and why it’s important to do each process carefully.

When you think of the life skills that you want your children to have , you might have a list that includes: balance a checkbook, understand proper budgeting, be able to cook a decent (and hopefully healthy) meal, change a tire on the side of the road, and with any luck, prepare their own taxes. One thing that’s not common to see is hard working skills.



3 Great Apps for Keeping Your Children Safe

Life is tough for parents. Keeping kids safe gets harder every day, not necessarily because there is more danger around than there used to be, but because there are an increasing number of ways to encounter it. Take the risks posed by online predators as an example. This is not a new danger – sexual predators have always been around – but they can now gain access to victims without having to meet them first.

While it is not entirely accurate to say that mobile technology has made the world more dangerous for our children, it has certainly redefined the way in which they interact with it. This is why parental monitoring is vital. You might not be able to prevent your kids from roaming the world completely unsupervised, but there are plenty of tools that you can use to track their activities.

This guide to three of the best apps for keeping children safe on the internet will help you to monitor and control their activities, without stopping them from having fun.

Verizon Family Locater

There are some parents who are a little squeamish about using GPS tracking to monitor and keep children safe. However, these same parents would likely be very thankful for the technology if their child went missing. Essentially, this is safety through self-defence. It is about teaching kids that, yes, bad things do happen sometimes, but if your location can be tracked, help can arrive as quickly as possible.

The Verizon Family Locater app uses GPS technology to place your child’s mobile phone on a map. It also has an innovative ‘ping’ function which alerts you as to whether they have arrived when and where you were expecting them to. This can be invaluable, as it allows parents to immediately pinpoint the last known location of a missing child.

Family Medical Info App

It is not easy for parents to watch their children suffer, even if it is only with a graze or a bruise from a fall. However, accidents are a part of life and almost every parent ends up in the emergency room at least once with their kids. The Family Medical Info app is a handy way to make sure that your child gets the care that they need, even if you are not around to provide specific details about their health.

The app can store information about family medical history, current and past prescriptions, blood type, pre-existing conditions, allergies, vaccinations, and more. It also has a primary care function, which allows the user to contact the family doctor at the click of a button. Essentially, the Family Medical Info app is there to give your child the best possible chance of rescue and recovery, if they get into an accident and require medical assistance.

Child ID

There are few things as scary for a parent as the prospect of a child going missing in the supermarket, shopping mall, after school, or on a day trip to the amusement park. While danger is all around for young people, there are clever apps which can be used to turn the tables. Take the official FBI Child ID app as an example. It was created by the FBI to try and give children some form of defence against abduction.

The app is installed on a parental phone and it stores up to date information about a child. For instance, height, hair colour, weight, identifying marks, and more. This information can be used, in the event of an abduction, to help find the child. The first 48 hours after a child goes missing offer the best chance of recovery, so getting access to this data fast could make a huge difference to police officers and search teams.

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Throw a Hot..FROZEN Birthday Party for Your Little Princess

Party Supplies

Birthday Party Places in Long Island, NY – SAFARI ADVENTURE

Kids Birthday Party

A jungle party can seem hard to do, but when you go to Safari Adventure in Riverhead, NY you’ll be swinging through trees like Jane (Tarzan’s girlfriend :) in no time. Because they have a huge indoor playground that your little ones will love to play in – while you Mom can relax and enjoy.  That is because they do it all – the party planning, sending the invites and getting the cake – all in a Safari Jungle theme – good for boys or girls.

Whether your little one wants a jungle animal themed party, or safari, this guide is sure to help you get some fun ideas laid out to make your party a day you and your child will remember for years to come.

Whether your little one wants a jungle animal themed party, or safari, this guide is sure to help you get some fantastic ideas laid out to make your party a day you and your child will remember for years to come.

Baby Girl Parties – Art Party

Baby Kelly birthday party

Happy Birthday to Darling Kelly from
Long Island, NY – Town of  Ridge



Kelly loved her special ART PARTY – where we made crafts and painted. Everyone had fun and even Mom got involved painting a picture or two.


Avoid Big Mistakes In Preparing Party For Your Children

Do you have too many options dealing with birthday party places for kids? If you answer “yes”, what will you do? Celebrating party for your children is form to show how you love them. Unfortunately, it is very painful, not only because its cost, but the moment you should create, right? Special and perfect party is desire of all parents when preparing the children’s party, but avoid over thinking and action. Over thinking and action might lead you to make some mistakes during preparation. Children are children! Even if you want to give the best, but avoid giving too many choices because they will be hard to make final decision. For this case, it will be better you just will ask what concept that they want.

Well, birthday party is not just to make a wish and blowing the candle. Kids will be very excited to enjoy and trying other activities such as games and other. The common mistakes, which most parents make is choosing too many or too few activities. However, you must be able to arrange the activities based on the scheduled time. Too long party time is not good because one by one child will become to feel tired, and the party will look so boring for them. Entertainment service adds the cheerful of party, but how to choose the best one? If you hire certain entertainment service with less references, it is better to consider other ones. The entertainment must be able to make all kids laugh, but it will be better when you choose the service that has education and moral value. As mentioned at previous article, the safety level must be your concern. Choose many adults to watch or see all kids in the party, so you can prevent un-wanted condition comes and destroy the party.

Tips To Create Awesome Party Ever For Your Loved Kid

I know you are considering party places for kids, but can you afford to one place that you choose? However, to get the space in certain place or location, book or hire is very required. To avoid wasting too much cost, avoid booking the place during other people also come to this place. Celebrating birthday doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it in the same time to born date of your kid, right? Kid’s party will be full of color and accessories, and it makes the party is different from adult’s ones, I think. The cute look of each kid who comes as guest will add the cheerful and party crowd. You have made a plan and choose the concept or theme, and even you have made a list for the number of guests, but I think you still forget some things.

No party with no foods, right? Planning out a menu is as important as planning others. Not all kids like certain menu, so when you want to see the joyful look from all guests of your kid’s birthday party, make sure you provide assorted menu. No matter what and how many menu options you will serve, those are must be safe for kids, and even their parents. Yes, kids will not come or join certain party without assistance from their parents. In other words, you must also prepare menus for adults because everybody who stands in your loved kids’ party must have fun. When you plan it perfectly, it will be the most awesome party ever, especially if you also choose special location such as Long Island. During enjoying party, all guests can also enjoy the view of this island. Wait a minute! Due to every place has different weather and climate, so it is not less important to consider if you will not come to this place during un-proper weather. Once you have a plan to choose this island for the great place for special day of your kid, it is very suggested to gain details information some months before birthday party of your kid.

Ths party will be full of kids, so you have big fear and worry. The convenience and safety can be placed in the next consideration on your list. That is true! They come with their parents, but it doesn’t mean you will not allow the parents to enjoy the beauty of Long Island. Simple to talk, you must also prepare best protection and safety way, so the party will be based on your ideal expectation.

Don’t Only Focus On Place For Your Child’s Party

No matter what destination you will choose as one of considerations for kids party places. Even if the place gives positive impact to the successful and cheerful of the party, but you may not focus on choosing the place only. For example, you are going to book certain place in Long Island, New York, but should you prepare the other things. Birthday party looks like simple thing, but when you have good concept and preparation, surely it will become the most memorable experience for your child. Before booking the place, make sure first if you have an idea or concept.

Choosing concept that is suitable to place where you will celebrate the party is very good. Dealing with cost or budget, it is better asking your son who he will invite to join with and enjoy the party. Give the understanding to your son if you afford to bring certain people only.

Long Island Is Good Place For Kid’s Party

There are some best birthday party places you can choose for your loved kid’s birthday party. Even though she always celebrate her birthday with luxury party every year, but you must choose the different place. Different place represents different experience and memorable event, and then everyone who comes. Do you think it is too costly for you? Choosing the good place that is not far from your location is very good, so that you will free of worries to the cost.


In this time, you can choose Long island, New york USA. However, the most important thing is the happiness of your kid. It can be used as the proof and form of your love, especially when you cannot spend much time to build quality moment with her. The great reason is the happiness of your kid. Don’t you know? When kid feels so happy because she has unforgettable moment, she will remember it all the time, and it is good for her mental growth.