I’m In Business – Selling at The Craft Fair

Our Booth at the Craft Fair with Jenny
Our Booth at the Craft Fair with Jenny

My First Booth at the Craft Fair with Jenny

Yea! Finally, I did something I have wanted to do for ages – sell my crafts at the craft fair. Wow, what fun Jenny (that’s her in the photo) had selling my handmade soaps and gifts. It was a long day, but we met lots of really nice people. Even made a couple of hundred dollars. 🙂

The best seller were my cards. Everyone commented on how unique there are. They laughed at some of the funny sayings I used. Funny I thought that my soaps would be the best seller. Goes to show you never know what people will buy.

Another surprise was how many people paid with their credit cards – even for small purchases like $5.00! Luckily I was prepared with my handy dandy, little green mobile card reader I got for free. I read this GoPayment Reviews which answered all my questions.

You see, Quickbooks Online, the accounting software I use for my business records, offers this free reader that connects to mobile phones or tablets. To get the customers payment, you just swipe, run the credit card through the slot, and voila money whooshes into my bank account like magic. I found it much easier than I expected. First I ordered the gadget ( a  mobile card reader is an official name) when logged into my Quickbooks account. When it arrived in the mail, then I downloaded the free app.  Entered my QB Online username and password and voila I was in the business of accepting credit cards. Now I can sell my items anywhere there is a cell phone signal with my GoPayment. I love it! Makes me feel like a real live businesswomen. She is so cute too like a little green frog on the end of my phone.

mobile payments

I used this free mobile card reader I got from Quickbooks

Hubby was very impressed that I finally dove in and took a booth at the show. It has been years that I have told him this is my goal. When I informed him that I made $224 he was amazed. It feels so good to walk through fear and do something new and a little scary. On the other side, it feels amazing, and my self-confidence is way up.

Now I am planning and scheduling craft fairs for the Spring Summer season 2017.
For sure I will not leave home without my cute little money maker – Gopayment mobile reader – my new best friend – ha ha

Avoid Big Mistakes In Preparing Party For Your Children

Do you have too many options dealing with birthday party places for kids? If you answer “yes”, what will you do? Celebrating party for your children is form to show how you love them. Unfortunately, it is very painful, not only because its cost, but the moment you should create, right? Special and perfect party is desire of all parents when preparing the children’s party, but avoid over thinking and action. Over thinking and action might lead you to make some mistakes during preparation. Children are children! Even if you want to give the best, but avoid giving too many choices because they will be hard to make final decision. For this case, it will be better you just will ask what concept that they want.

Well, birthday party is not just to make a wish and blowing the candle. Kids will be very excited to enjoy and trying other activities such as games and other. The common mistakes, which most parents make is choosing too many or too few activities. However, you must be able to arrange the activities based on the scheduled time. Too long party time is not good because one by one child will become to feel tired, and the party will look so boring for them. Entertainment service adds the cheerful of party, but how to choose the best one? If you hire certain entertainment service with less references, it is better to consider other ones. The entertainment must be able to make all kids laugh, but it will be better when you choose the service that has education and moral value. As mentioned at previous article, the safety level must be your concern. Choose many adults to watch or see all kids in the party, so you can prevent un-wanted condition comes and destroy the party.

Tips To Create Awesome Party Ever For Your Loved Kid

I know you are considering party places for kids, but can you afford to one place that you choose? However, to get the space in certain place or location, book or hire is very required. To avoid wasting too much cost, avoid booking the place during other people also come to this place. Celebrating birthday doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it in the same time to born date of your kid, right? Kid’s party will be full of color and accessories, and it makes the party is different from adult’s ones, I think. The cute look of each kid who comes as guest will add the cheerful and party crowd. You have made a plan and choose the concept or theme, and even you have made a list for the number of guests, but I think you still forget some things.

No party with no foods, right? Planning out a menu is as important as planning others. Not all kids like certain menu, so when you want to see the joyful look from all guests of your kid’s birthday party, make sure you provide assorted menu. No matter what and how many menu options you will serve, those are must be safe for kids, and even their parents. Yes, kids will not come or join certain party without assistance from their parents. In other words, you must also prepare menus for adults because everybody who stands in your loved kids’ party must have fun. When you plan it perfectly, it will be the most awesome party ever, especially if you also choose special location such as Long Island. During enjoying party, all guests can also enjoy the view of this island. Wait a minute! Due to every place has different weather and climate, so it is not less important to consider if you will not come to this place during un-proper weather. Once you have a plan to choose this island for the great place for special day of your kid, it is very suggested to gain details information some months before birthday party of your kid.

Ths party will be full of kids, so you have big fear and worry. The convenience and safety can be placed in the next consideration on your list. That is true! They come with their parents, but it doesn’t mean you will not allow the parents to enjoy the beauty of Long Island. Simple to talk, you must also prepare best protection and safety way, so the party will be based on your ideal expectation.

Don’t Only Focus On Place For Your Child’s Party

No matter what destination you will choose as one of considerations for kids party places. Even if the place gives positive impact to the successful and cheerful of the party, but you may not focus on choosing the place only. For example, you are going to book certain place in Long Island, New York, but should you prepare the other things. Birthday party looks like simple thing, but when you have good concept and preparation, surely it will become the most memorable experience for your child. Before booking the place, make sure first if you have an idea or concept.

Choosing concept that is suitable to place where you will celebrate the party is very good. Dealing with cost or budget, it is better asking your son who he will invite to join with and enjoy the party. Give the understanding to your son if you afford to bring certain people only.

Long Island Is Good Place For Kid’s Party

There are some best birthday party places you can choose for your loved kid’s birthday party. Even though she always celebrate her birthday with luxury party every year, but you must choose the different place. Different place represents different experience and memorable event, and then everyone who comes. Do you think it is too costly for you? Choosing the good place that is not far from your location is very good, so that you will free of worries to the cost.

In this time, you can choose Long island, New york USA. However, the most important thing is the happiness of your kid. It can be used as the proof and form of your love, especially when you cannot spend much time to build quality moment with her. The great reason is the happiness of your kid. Don’t you know? When kid feels so happy because she has unforgettable moment, she will remember it all the time, and it is good for her mental growth.